DexROV introduced at the NGCUV symposium

Demonstration at the NGCUV Symposium 2015
Underwater ROV technology was demonstrated during the NGCUV symposium in Girona, Spain. Credit: DexROV/ J. Gancet/ Space Apps.

The DexROV project was introduced to industry and academia this year at the Navigation, Guidance and Control of Underwater Vehicles symposium (NGCUV) in Girona, Spain. The Symposium was organized this year by Pr. Pere Riado from the Research Centre of Underwater Robotics in Girona.

The annual event started in 2011, and is a popular workshop for the marine robotics community. Representatives from several partners were on hand. Giuseppe Gasalino from ISME, Alessio Turetta from Graal Tech and Jeremi Gancet from Space Apps were all present during the symposium.

Jeremi Gancet from Space Applications Services, or Space Apps, was invited to present a plenary talk on day two of the symposium. This was very positively received by all present, and sparked interest from the wider navigation, guidance and control of underwater vehicles community.

DexROV was among many exciting presentation including WiMUST, CADDY, Morph, ARROWS and ROBOCADEMY – which are all EC funded projects.

The representatives from DexROV benefitted from the keynote speeches at the symposium. Of particular interest were Dr Hugh Ferguson’s talk on the role of automated underwater vehichles in the oil and gas industry, Dr Jan Opderbecke’s talk about the hybrid ROV concept currently under development, and Dr Dr. Asgeir J. Sørensen’s talk on the work of the AMOS underwater robotics centre in Norway.Participants at the symposium also enjoyed a tour of the Girona Research Centre for Underwater Robotics. There were demonstrations of the locally developed underwater manipulation actions using the Girona 500 AUC platform.

The DexROV team all reported greatly enjoying the workshop in April, and said they have now strengthened both ties with their colleagues in the industry and awareness of the project.

Attendees at the 2015 NGCUV Symposium in April 2015, Girona, Spain.
Attendees at the 2015 NGCUV Symposium in April 2015, Girona, Spain. Credit/ (c): IFAC NCCUV 2015


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