DexROV deep sea test updates

The DexROV consortium has made the decision this week to continue testing activities in shallow water at a maximum depth of 100msw, and to cancel activities planned at 1000msw.

There are a number of factors that forced this decision which could not be mitigated by the careful planning and preparations by all partners.

“It was a hard decision to take, and some of the factors were well beyond our control. We will nevertheless demonstrate our technologies at 40msw – and show the results of our project,” said Jeremi Gancet, DexROV Consortium Coordinator, from Space Applications Services in Brussels.

For the rest of this week the consortium will rehearse undersea manipulation tasks to prepare for a live demonstration to stakeholders this Thursday. Activities will be conducted using the satellite link between the onshore monitoring and control centre in Zaventem, Brussels, and the Janus II vessel in Marseille, France.

There is a live streaming event planned from the onshore control centre on the DexROV YouTube Channel on Thursday, 28th July. A question and answer session will be possible with enough participation. We will confirm the time via an announcement on our social media and newsletter.

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