Force Feedback Sensor

The UnderwaterForce/Contact Sensor is an innovative pressure-tolerant sensor measuring the contact and interaction forces during manipulation, and enabling dexterous intervention operations in the underwater domain.

It would be applicable for any underwater intervention operation requiring physical interaction with objects, such as

  • oil and gas infrastructure, and undersea resources investigation or collection
  • rescue
  • construction, maintenance, and dismantling of underwater structure
  • underwater archaeology

This product will be available for purchase or further investment toward development through Graal Tech directly.


Technical Description 

This new underwater contact sensor, measures the external action exerted on its sensible surface. It is based on a double layer of resistive sensing elements arranged inside an innovative housing filled by hydraulic oil for compensating the environmental external pressure. The resulting device results a pressure-tolerant sensor, working properly at any water depth.

Can be available as a single sensor for pointwise measures or as a matrix for getting contact distribution. It is well suited for being mounted on underwater manipulators and advanced gripper tools.


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