Deep Sea Test Panel

Deepsea ROV Test Panel

The COMEX Deepsea ROV Test Panel serves to test robotic operations underwater for different application cases. The panel is composed of three different sides:

  • Offshore Oil&Gas interfaces such as mock-ups of wet-mate connectors, valves and hot-stabs
  • Dexterous manipulation to test robotic manipulators in different exercises
  • Science applications such as archeological or biological artifact handling

This structure or a similar adaptation, reproduction or customisation is available from Comex.

Contact: Dr Peter Weiss, Comex.

Technical description and applications

The COMEX Deepsea ROV Test Panel is a test facility for subsea robotics. It can be used to validate robotic operations with manipulators, sensors or other equipment. The panel can be transported to a specific site by ship and be installed in deep-sea.

It hosts elements common in subsea robotics such as representations of Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) interfaces on subsea production systems (ISO 13628-8). It can serve to perform trials with novel equipment, or to demonstrate new products in the subsea robotics market to clients without the risks and costs of going to an operating subsea facility (e.g. oil&gas wellhead).











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